A Gucci Girl Goes Glamping

When I turned 40 last August, I had an idea to challenge myself with 40 new experiences. I call it my 40 @ 40 (more on this in my next blog). This is not my lifelong bucket list, nor did I make a list. I had some ideas but wanted to keep it organic. The goal was to step outside my comfort zone and to make time to try something new. When I reached #35 with one month to go before my self-imposed deadline, I realized I wanted to finish my challenge. What could I do that would be easy, fast, and something I would never do in a million years? Camping? Ya, not going to happen. But glamping? Glamping I would do. Glamping is glamorous camping. It’s a great way to experience nature with modern amenities (such as beds, electricity, and indoor plumbing).

On a friend’s recommendation, I took a look at The Fields of Michigan in South Haven. Perfect!! My husband Joe and I booked a two-night stay for Labor Day weekend. Recently featured on the cover of Midwest Living, The Fields is a luxury glamping destination set in a blueberry field. All ten tents have king-size beds with five-star bedding, reading lights, a shower, a toilet, organic body care, a wood-burning fireplace, and bed warmers. There's a large common building where breakfast is served. It's also a great place to play games, read, and socialize. Outside there are two massive firepits perfect for evening bonfires and gas grills for your use.

Joe and I spent our first day walking around South Haven, enjoying some wine and an early dinner. When we arrived back at The Fields, the common building was very lively! We quickly mingled with the rest of the glampers. We met the owners, Irene and her husband Cary. We also made the acquaintance of one of their dogs, Charlie, an adorable Cavalier King Charles spaniel. While we left our dog Hugo at home, The Fields is very dog friendly. Outside we had a blast socializing with other couples over a toasty campfire and gooey s’mores. Others gathered inside the screened-in building, playing cards and checkers. No TVs, phones, or computers, just old-fashioned fun. Evening at The Fields was just beautiful— so quiet with the trees decorated with string lights, gently lighting the path to our tents.

I planned on posting pictures and videos with this mini-blog. Unfortunately, the following day I left my cell phone on my car hood. Not only did I run it over, so did 50 other cars! My info was not backed up to the cloud (to my surprise, it's not magic), so I can't share my beautiful pictures or videos with you (see a few below). As upset as I was, I started thinking, maybe that’s okay - I don't have to share everything! Maybe I should leave a little to your imagination.

You can now envision what you’d like your glamping experience to be. Perhaps you'd like to reconnect with friends, significant others, or yourself. In an era where we communicate over text messages and emails, society has lost social graces—let's learn to disconnect so we can reconnect. Nature has a way of grounding us. The night sky and sounds are the perfect meditation; campfires and crisp air refresh your spirit. It is enjoying the art of conversation with old friends while making new ones. Whatever is calling to you, listen to your inner self. Sometimes taking a chance on the unknown is when we find out the most about ourselves.

Our stay at The Fields was lovely. I could've stayed one more night! From a girl who loves her Gucci bags, heels, and makeup, I highly recommend you leave them at home and enjoy just being present.

Irene has put her midwestern heart into The Fields, and it shows. She has created an engaging experience. I hope this will intrigue you and encourage you to try glamping. Why not broaden your horizons on a chic approach to sleeping under the stars. I know I'll be back!

Check out The Fields of Michigan (photos included)!




A few "musts" for glamping:


Hunter boots

Baseball hat (sorry, no blow-drys here lol)

Layers such as a flannel, tank, short and long sleeve tops.


Yoga pants


Gym shoes

A good book and journal

Olay Daily Facials 5-in-1. I'm obsessed with these when I travel


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