How happy are you?

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

How Happy are you?

Really, think about this. How happy are you? Do you feel you go through the motions of life but don't really live? Are you satisfied in your job, relationships and mostly are you happy with yourself? Lately, most people I talk to are in a real "funk." They don't feel fulfilled in their careers, personal lives, or with themselves. If you have not been happy in your current situation, it's time for a change! If a relationship is continuously challenging, perhaps it's not the right relationship for you. Does your job suck the life out of you? Is this how you want to live? Or do you want to thrive?

What is the one thing that would make YOU the happiest?

For me, it's taking care of myself (i.e., working out, meditating, reading, eating right). When I fuel my body with healthy foods and take time to exercise, I feel my best. My stress starts to evaporate, and I have clarity. I found when I tackled my #1, "what will make me happy," other things feel in place. By no means am I saying I'm happy every day all day and I walk around like a ball of sunshine! Trust me, I'm far from it; everything is a work in progress! However, deep in my soul, I am happy...with myself. It started with me, no one else.

One way I began to find my "happy" was journaling. I'll sit for 5 minutes with my morning coffee and write. Hopes, dreams, desires, challenges, etc., this helps me get to the root of what I truly want. Journaling has helped me declutter my mind and be real with my feelings and wishes. When I started to clear my mind in what I call "back to basics," I reconnected with my path.

My wish for you is that you find one thing a day that makes you happy and smile. Start by writing that in a journal. You'll begin to see what will TRULY make you happy in life. When you stop focussing on the negatives, more positives will come into your life. When you start to feel happy again with yourself, you'll have the confidence to make changes, whether it is an encore career, personal growth, relationships, even everyday life!



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