New Year, New Goals!

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

When I find something I love, I have to share it with my favs!

I wait till February 1 to start working towards my new goals; it gives me time to reflect on the past year and not put so much pressure on myself!

Below are a few of my favorite resources to help you kick off 2020. They have assisted me in achieving and maintaining some personal goals. Feel free to reach out and ask me questions!

Daily Agenda /Goal Planner:

Inkwell Press

100% my favorite planner!!! I can't stress enough how much this agenda has helped me.

Money Management Classes:

Dave Ramsey - Financial Peace University

Budgeting Tool:


Tired of wondering where it all went? This app will keep you accountable.

Financial Advisor:

Christine Janes, Edward Jones

Local Elmhurst resident!

Christine specializes in retirement, education savings, business retirement plans, and financial goal-setting.

Professional Organizer:

Margret Glenzinski

Margret helped me create a home office. That required rearranging rooms, closets, and purging. I felt like I was on HGTV. There was absolutely no way I would have been capable of doing what she did.

Meal Delivery:

Meal Village

Prepared and delivered to your door

Use my code jennifer228 to save $10.

Pulmenti Soup

Luann and Joe are Elmhurst residents who make delicious vegan, gluten free & dairy free soups!


Dr. Bong at Advanced Natural Health

Traditional Chinese Therapy


Kathrine Eldridge

One of the many services Kathrine offers is a "closet audit." She has you try on most of your wardrobe and helps you let go of things that no longer work for you! She also creates new outfits with existing pieces and gives you advice on what staples to add.

I'll be adding to this list in the future!

Warmest regards, Jennifer

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